Bringing you the finest luxury alpaca goods from the Andes of Peru.

Luxury baby alpaca socks featuring hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial properties.

Our New Alpaca Socks. An Instant Favorite!


Regulate Heat. Won't cook your feet.

Moisture Wicking. Great for hiking!

Don't absorb odors. Great work socks!

Antimicrobial. No more stinky feet!

Incredibly warm but won't make your feet sweat!

Wide top band to avoid dents in your leg. Great therapeutic sock for people with diabetes!


Crafting Peruvian Luxury With The Finest Baby Alpaca Wool.

Peruvian Accent is a family-owned business and we  specialize in handcrafted luxury goods made from baby alpaca fibers.

​When we give our alpacas their first or second haircut, this is called 'Baby Alpaca" quality wool.  It is the softest, finest quality we can get.  We keep this quality for our products only. 

 The next 18 years, we get adult Alpaca, which is more coarse, which we sell to other businesses around the world.  

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship showcases the beauty of Peruvian culture and the softness of alpaca fibers. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or a luxury item for yourself, Peruvian Accent is the perfect choice.

  • Alpaca Poncho

    Easy to put on. It drapes over the back nicely and has a strap that goes behind the front legs. It has a hole on the back so you can clip the leash through. Alpaca Wicks, regulates heat and is very warm.

  • The Alpaca Nazca Sweater.

    Beautiful knit stretches to form around the body. Easy to put on. Has hole on the back so you can clip the leash through. Wicks moisture, is very warm but regulates heat. Alpaca is hypoallergenic so these are great for dogs with sensitive skin.

  • Yorkie in a Baby Pink Alpaca Dog Hoodie- (Size X0-8)

    The Alpaca Hoodie.

    Super cute and soft. The hood is a nice stylish touch. Very easy to put on, Very warm yet it regulates heat. Wicks moisture and forms nicely around your dogs body. It is super soft on the skin.

  • The Zip Up Sweater.

    This style zips up the back making it super easy to put on any dog. I make these in sizes XX0 (for 1-2.5lbs teacups) up to size 14 for the 40lbs dogs. All the embroidered work is done by hand making each sweater a unique work of art.

What makes Alpaca a luxury fiber?

Baby alpaca is considered a luxury fiber because of its many unique properties. ​

It is hypoallergenic.

Its moisture wicking properties make it perfect for the outdoors.

It is antimicrobial and does not absorb odors making it perfect for traveling. 

Thanks to it having hollow hair, it regulates heat. So you won't be dying to take it off the first chance you get. 

As a bonus, we use all-natural dyes so your garment or blanket won't fade.

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