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Peruvian Accent


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Made of fine baby Alpaca (85% baby Alpaca 15% merino wool), this will be your new favorite hoodie for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you are hiking, fishing, traveling, hunting, skiing, or just at the ski resort, you will want this hoodie. If you are transitioning to wearing all-natural fibers like I am, you will really enjoy this hoodie!

Although alpaca is rated warmer than polar bear fur, it also has the ability to regulate heat. This means because it has hollow hair, when it is warm outside, it won't heat you up but when your body temperature drops, it triggers the Alpaca to warm you up. So no more taking off the hoodie just to put it back on again when you get cold.

Baby Alpaca is also hypoallergenic since it has no lanolin and thanks to the natural oils in baby Alpaca, it hardly ever gets dirty and does not even absorb odors. This is the perfect hoodie for weekend getaways. Just pack some tee shirts, your Adventurer Alpaca hoodie, a light rain jacket and you are good for the weekend!

We also put a thumb hole. For those times when you don't quite need gloves but would like a bit of warmth for your hands.

My sizing is Unisex so please look at the sizing chart. I am making them in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

S - HEIGHT 27.5", CHEST 20", SLEEVE 23"

M - HEIGHT 28.5", CHEST 21", SLEEVE 23.5"

L - HEIGHT 29.5", CHEST 22", SLEEVE 24"

XL - HEIGHT 30.5", CHEST 23", SLEEVE 23.5"

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