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Peruvian Accent

Size 12 Peruvian Dog Sweater

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Doggies get cold too! Especially the smaller breeds. I know our Yorkie, Luna, loves her sweater and it looks so cute too! Each Peruvian Accent sweater is unique. We make the base by machine and do the applique by hand. So each one is a unique sweater.

As with all handmade items, pattern placement will vary from sweater to sweater. But that is how we like it! We want your sweater to be unique, just like your little furry baby. :)

You will love the details, they make the sweaters cute and a great conversation piece. They are made out of an acrylic blend so they are warm yet easily washable.

One of the best features about our sweaters is the zip-up the back design! Many dogs do not like the sweaters to go over their heads. With our design, you lay the sweater on your lap or on the floor, your doggy steps into the sleeves and you zip it up the back! That easy.

The sizes are determined by the measurement around the neck (circumference) and the measurement around the chest, right behind the front legs.

I know there are many imitations out there now, it is truly flattering. Please know you are buying one of our authentic, Peruvian Accent doggy sweaters. We are the original makers and the quality is evident. We are always making new colors and never lowering our standards. Please feel free to message me with any questions.


SIZE. Length. (approximate) and neck/chest circumference.

Length. 8.75"
Neck Circ: 7.50"
Chest Circ: 11.50"

Length 10"
Neck Circ: 9-10"
Chest Circ: 13"

Size 2:
Length 11.50"
Neck Circ: 10-11"
Chest Circ: 14-15"

Size 4:
Length 12.50"
Neck Circ: 11-12.5"
Chest Circ: 16-17"

Size 6:
Length 13.50-14"
Neck Circ: 13-14.50"
Chest Circ: 19-20"

Size 8:
Length 15"
Neck Circ: 14-15.50"
Chest Circ: 22"

Size 10:
Length 16.5"
Neck Circ: 15.5-16"
Chest Circ: 23"

Size 12:
Length 17.5"
Neck Circ: 16-17"
Chest Circ: 24"

Size 14:
Length 19.5"
Neck Circ: 17-18"
Chest Circ: 25.5"

If you are unsure about what size your dog needs, feel free to message me. I can help you!

If you would like to see the designs on the sweater we are shipping you just put a note at checkout. Each one is handmade so they will vary as far as applique placement.