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Peruvian Accent


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Introducing the Epitome of Canine Elegance: The Handmade Andean Pumpkin Spice Doggie Sweater in Vibrant Orange and Green!

Unveil the latest trend in dog fashion with our exquisite Handmade Andean Chic Doggie Sweater, meticulously crafted in the heart of Peru's mystical Andes. Designed to elevate your furry friend's style, this masterpiece boasts a seamless fusion of unparalleled craftsmanship, captivating design, and unrivaled comfort.

**A Symphony of Colors:**
Dressed in this pumpkin orange and soothing green, this doggie sweater exudes an aura of vivacity and charm. The colors are thoughtfully selected to complement your pup's personality while making a bold fashion statement perfect for the Fall and Winter!

**Andean Artistry and Craftsmanship:**
Each sweater is an embodiment of the rich Andean heritage, painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans who infuse their passion and expertise into every stitch. The artistry shines through in the delicate hand-embroidered designs, adding a touch of uniqueness and character that's simply unparalleled.

**Innovative Zip-Up-The-Back Design:**
Say goodbye to the hassle of dressing up your furry companion! Our revolutionary zip-up-the-back design on the back ensures fuss-free dressing while maintaining a snug fit. Your pup will love how effortlessly they slip into this cozy haven of style. Size 2 and smaller have the D-rings on the back so you can clip the leash directly onto the sweater. The sizes XX0-4 on this sweater run a bit small. Please measure your pup and let me help with sizing or if you are close on size, go with the bigger size.

**Functional Excellence:**
We've thoughtfully included a metal loop on the back of smaller sizes (XX0-2), granting you the convenience of leash attachment without compromising on aesthetics. Walks in the park have never been this stylish!

**Luxurious Comfort:**
Your four-legged friend deserves nothing but the finest. Crafted from Dralon, a special Peruvian acrylic that is soft warm, and machine washable. Our doggie sweater embraces your pup in a cocoon of comfort. The soft, breathable fabric ensures year-round coziness, making it a must-have addition to their wardrobe.

**Sizes for Every Pup:**
From the tiniest teacup companions to the lively 40-pound darlings, we cater to dogs of all sizes. Our size range, starting from XXS for the minuscule pups to size 14 for the larger ones, ensures every furry friend can flaunt their unique style with confidence. If you need help with sizing, please just message us, we are always excited to help.

**The Pinnacle of Canine Fashion:**
Prepare for envious gazes and admirative whispers as your pup dons this stunning Andean Chic Doggie Sweater. Elevate your pup's presence in social gatherings, daily strolls, and memorable outings – they're bound to steal the spotlight.

Indulge your beloved pet in the epitome of luxury and style. Order the Handmade Pumpkin Spice Doggie Sweater today and embark on a journey of fashion, comfort, and admiration like never before. Make your pup the talk of the town – because they deserve nothing less.

SIZE XX0 (TEACUP 3.5lbs or less or new puppy)
Length. 7.5"
Neck Circ: 6.75"
Chest Circ: 10.00"

Length. 8.75"
Neck Circ: 7.50"
Chest Circ: 11.00"

Length 10"
Neck Circ: 9-10"
Chest Circ: 12.5"

Size 2:
Length 11.50"
Neck Circ: 10-11"
Chest Circ: 13.5-14.5"

Size 4:
Length 12.50"
Neck Circ: 11-12.5"
Chest Circ: 15.5-16.5"

Size 6:
Length 13.50-14"
Neck Circ: 13-14.50"
Chest Circ: 17-19"

Size 8:
Length 15"
Neck Circ: 14-15.50"
Chest Circ: 20-22"

Size 10:
Length 16.5"
Neck Circ: 15.5-16"
Chest Circ: 23"

Size 12:
Length 17.5"
Neck Circ: 16-17"
Chest Circ: 24"

Size 14:
Length 19.5"
Neck Circ: 17-18"
Chest Circ: 25.5"