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Handmade Manta Inca bracelet.

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The Cusco bracelet is handmade in the Andes of Peru, just outside the city of Cusco. These are beautifully made with traditional intricate designs which inspire oneness with nature, tranquility, and love.   

Peru is a very mystical country and many people love buying these to remember their trip to Peru.  They are also very fashionable and can be worn on the wrist or around the ankle.

This bracelet is also very popular among Peruvians who live abroad.  It is like a beautiful reminder of Peru.  This is a wonderful gift for anyone from Peru or who was positively impacted by their trip to Peru.

These are handmade and perfect for everyone.  They have a hook and a loop clasp.

You can pick the Manta traditional colors, Random Colorful, Inca Rainbow, White with Blue, Cusco Blue, Baby Blue, Lime Green or Pampa Green

This is a wonderful gift for anyone.  Easy to combine with any outfit and fun to wear.

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