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Peruvian Accent

Royal Alpaca Reversible Shawl

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Our newest shawl collection is truly a work of art. Each one is beautifully crafted with the finest Peruvian Royal Alpaca.  You can only call the quality "Royal Alpaca" if it comes from the first haircut.  We keep this hair, kind of like a special reserve.  It is so fine, it allows us to make the shawl very thin and reversible, without losing any of it's warmth.  This is a truly luxurious shawl made of 100% Royal Alpaca, and it is stunning!

Made in the Andes of Peru, it is ready to keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures but because the Royal Alpaca is so fine. Alpaca, although it is rated warmer than Polar bear fur, it also regulates heat.  This will be a definite must have for travels or day trips alike.  If you are cold, it will warm you up and if you get hot, it stops heating you up.  

Alpaca also has a high natural oil content.  This gives it the ability to repel water.  If you are going from your car to the restaurant and get caught in the rain,  it will bead up, keeping you from getting wet. 

You will love the color combinations made from all NATURAL dyes and each one is reversible.  

These shawls are great for dressing up or dressing down.  

This collection is our most luxurious and we have very limited quantities.  It is a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself, and it will be something you enjoy for many years to come.