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Peruvian Accent


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The Chullo hat is our version of the most typical hat in the Andes region of Peru.  The hat of choice in the cold, high altitudes of the mountains because of its amazing protection from the wind and superior design protecting your neck and ears from the elements.

Our Chullos are reversible, offering two different color choices. BOTH sides offer different colorful combinations.  Almost like having two different hats!

These beautiful colors were created with all-natural dyes.  They won't fade as chemical dyes do.   

Alpaca is an amazing fiber and excellent for the person who loves the outdoors.  It is a perfect gift for the snow, for athletes to wear to training in the colder months or for the person who works in the cold like in a warehouse or doing deliveries.

Alpaca has the ability to regulate heat so you don't get too hot as you do with other wools.  Alpaca hair is hollow just like ours so by regulating heat it will warm you up when you are cold and stop heating your up when your body is warm.  It also does not need to be too thick because Alpaca is rated warmer than polar bear fur!

Many people who are sensitive to wool love Alpaca because it is one of the closest fibers to human hair.  It has practically no lanolin, like our hair, so it is hypoallergenic.  And even better than that is the fact that we use baby Alpaca.  This means that it is from the first or second haircut we give our Alpacas.  That is the softest Alpaca and we give it the quality rating of "baby Alpaca".  For the next eighteen years, the Alpaca hair is considered "adult Alpaca", which still looks nice but can be more coarse.  This Alpaca we sell to other companies.   This is a luxury we can do because we have our own Alpacas.

What makes our Alpaca different than others?   Alpacas love to live in the cold Andes mountains of South America.  Because the temperatures are so cold, their hair gets super fine and allows them to endure the extreme cold.  Our Suri Alpacas live at around ten thousand feet outside of Cusco, Peru.  they run free until we bring them in for their haircut.  We take the last 12-18 inches and use that to make our products.  We believe that since our Alpacas live in the environment they love with extreme care, they produce a finer fiber.  

How do I wash my Alpaca Chullo?

It is also incredibly simple to maintain. You can just wash it by hand with shampoo for dry hair or throw it in the washer, gentle cycle using cold water. Just don't put it in the dryer.

  • The high-quality Alpaca is so comfortable. You will love how soft and warm they are!  These are perfect to keep your ears warm when enjoying the outdoors!
  • These styles are unisex so they are the perfect gift for a man or a woman.
  • Alpaca is hypoallergenic so people with wool sensitivity can enjoy Alpaca.
  • The sizing is one size fits all. Easily fits a 11-year-old up to adults.  This style is slightly bigger than our pointy earflap version.
  • Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber and perfect for people with sensitive skin.  It has no lanolin.  It is hypoallergenic and does not itch

These are adult size Chullo's.  THIS POINTY EAR STYLE is slightly smaller than the round ear style. Perfect for men with smaller heads, women and people 11 years old and up. 

All our hats are made on a loom.  the color details can and will vary.  The base color is what you are selecting.  This makes your hat unique!  If you want to see a picture of the hat you are buying before it is shipped, please put a message in your order details at checkout.  This will typically add a day to the item being shipped out, fyi. 

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