Difference in quality when it comes to Handmade Alpaca slippers

Difference in quality when it comes to Handmade Alpaca slippers

When it comes to handmade Alpaca slippers, I am confident the slippers I make are of the highest quality in every aspect.  I purchased some less expensive slippers and was very pleased to see that my slippers came out on top in every aspect.  

I take a lot of pride in offering only the top quality to my customers.  I want you to be proud to wear your slippers and always be happy with your purchase. 


As you can see in the picture above,  the slipper on the left is mine and th one on the right is a less expensive one I found online.  At first sight, they both have the similar "Manta" colorful fabric on the outside but if you see the fur, the one on the left is full and holds its shape.


The different age of the Alpaca really shows in the fur.  As you can see, the slipper on the upper left has very white fur, very full.  The one on the right looks thin and almost gray.



Here is another shot showing the difference in the color and texture.  The one on the bottom is gray looking and thin.  The one on the top is nice and white and full.  

What you can't understand by looking at a picture is that the older the Alpaca fur the stiffer it is.  It also tends to not be as comfortable as a younger Alpacas fur.  

When it comes to handmade Alpaca fur slippers,  I would recommend spending the extra money to get a product you will want and be able to wear for years to come.  It is a small investment in something that you will most likely wear every evening for most of the year!

If you ever have any questions regarding handmade Alpaca slippers feel free to message me peruvianaccent@yahoo.com  We custom make Alpaca fur slippers for our clients.  We do the entire process from purchasing the naturally harvested fur, washing, drying the fur, cutting the forms for the slippers and making them