Collection: Dog hoodie made of Alpaca

Introducing our exquisite new "Alpaca Dog Hoodie Sweater Collection" – a fusion of luxury and artistry, meticulously handcrafted with the finest Alpaca wool sourced from the enchanting Andes of Peru.

These remarkable dog sweaters are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and dedication of our artisans, designed to pamper and delight your furry friends. From teacup-sized cuties to medium-sized pooches, our collection caters to dogs of various sizes, offering a touch of elegance and warmth for every fashion-forward pup.

For the canine fashionistas who love to dress up in the finest styles, our Alpaca Dog Hoodie Sweaters are the ultimate statement pieces. Whether it's a casual outing or a special occasion, these luxury sweaters will ensure your pet stands out with unparalleled sophistication.

The extraordinary Alpaca wool is rated warmer than polar bear fur, making our hoodies a perfect choice for chilly days. The unique hollow structure of Alpaca hair allows for efficient heat regulation, keeping your furry companion cozy without overheating.

We understand the importance of comfort and safety, which is why our sweaters are crafted from hypoallergenic Alpaca fiber, ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

Practicality meets style with a cleverly designed hole on the back of the sweater, allowing you to effortlessly secure your dog's harness under the hoodie and easily clip the leash through the hole. No more compromising on functionality while maintaining an elegant appearance.

The stretchy knit ensures a perfect fit, beautifully conforming around your dog's neck and body, enhancing their natural charm and ensuring maximum comfort.

For the perfect fit, consult our size chart below, and measure your dog's neck, chest (just behind the front legs), and from the collar to about an inch before the tail. Our Alpaca Dog Hoodie Sweater Collection promises to be a luxurious treat and an extraordinary gift for your beloved pet, making them the most stylish pooch in town.

Size Chart:
SIZE. Length. (approximate) and neck/chest circumference.

Length. 9.5"
Neck Circ: 7-8"
Chest Circ: 12"

Length 10.5"
Neck Circ: 8.5-9.5"
Chest Circ: 14"

Size 2:
Length 12"
Neck Circ: 9.5-10.5"
Chest Circ: 14-16"

Size 4:
Length 13"
Neck Circ: 10.5-12"
Chest Circ: 16-17.5"

Size 6:
Length 15"
Neck Circ: 11-14"
Chest Circ: 18-20"

Size 8:
Length 17"
Neck Circ: 14-15.50"
Chest Circ: 20-22"

Elevate your dog's wardrobe with the splendor of our Alpaca Dog Hoodie Sweater Collection, where luxury, comfort, and style unite to celebrate the bond between you and your loyal companion. Embrace the Andean spirit and add a touch of Peruvian allure to your pup's fashion repertoire.


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