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Peruvian Accent

All OTHER COLORS Dog Hoodies- (Size X0-8)

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This listing is for the other colors of hoodies we are making, not including Baby Pink or Oxford Gray.  Those two colors have their own listing.   If you would like to see those listings, please click on those specific listings.


We call this doggie sweater the "Nazca Hoodie", inspired by the Inca ruins in Nazca Peru. Very fascinating and definitely worth looking up but the patterns, designs, and colors are so fun! 

Step up your furry friend's fashion game with our exquisite Alpaca Doggie Hoodie, meticulously handcrafted from the finest alpaca fibers sourced from the breathtaking Andes of Peru. This one-of-a-kind canine apparel combines impeccable craftsmanship with the natural beauty of alpaca, resulting in a garment that will make your pooch the envy of the dog park!

Featuring a vibrant array of beautiful colors, our Alpaca Doggie Hoodie is designed to make a statement. 

Comfort is paramount, and we've spared no effort in ensuring that our Alpaca Doggie Hoodie provides a snug and cozy fit. Each hoodie is carefully designed to fit your furry friend's unique body shape, allowing for easy movement without compromising on style. Our hoodie offers a cozy fit that guarantees maximum warmth and comfort during outdoor adventures or lounging sessions at home. We designed this sweater with a hole on the back so you can put your dog's harness on under the sweater and then clip the leash to the harness through the hole making it the perfect sweater for walking your dog.

But what truly sets our Alpaca Doggie Hoodie apart is the remarkable properties of alpaca fiber. Known for its hypoallergenic qualities, this luxurious material is ideal for pets with sensitive skin or allergies. The hoodie's antimicrobial properties ensure that it stays fresh and odor-free, even after countless adventures. Additionally, alpaca fiber is a natural heat regulator, keeping your pup cozy during chilly walks and providing breathability when the temperature rises.

When you purchase our Alpaca Doggie Hoodie, you're not only indulging your pup in luxury but also supporting ethical and sustainable practices. The alpaca fibers are sourced from our farmers who prioritize the welfare of our animals, ensuring that each strand is obtained through humane shearing methods. Furthermore, the production process adheres to environmentally friendly practices, making this hoodie a conscientious choice for pet owners who value sustainability.

Treat your beloved furry companion to the epitome of canine fashion and comfort. Order our Alpaca Doggie Hoodie today and let your pup strut their stuff in style while enjoying the benefits of luxurious alpaca fiber. Make heads turn, tails wag, and create unforgettable memories with this exceptional garment. Your pup deserves nothing less than the finest alpaca from the majestic Andes of Peru!

We are the original makers and the quality is evident. We are always making new colors and never lowering our standards. Please feel free to message me with any questions.



SIZE. Length. (approximate) and neck/chest circumference.



Length. 9.5"

Neck Circ: 7-8"

Chest Circ: 12"



Length 10.5"

Neck Circ: 8.5-9.5"

Chest Circ: 14"


Size 2:

Length 12"

Neck Circ: 9.5-10.5"

Chest Circ: 14-16"


Size 4:

Length 13"

Neck Circ: 10.5-12"

Chest Circ: 16-17.5"


Size 6: 

Length 15"

Neck Circ: 11-14"

Chest Circ: 18-20"


Size 8:

Length 17"

Neck Circ: 14-15.50"

Chest Circ: 20-22"


If you are unsure about what size your dog needs, feel free to message us.  

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