Handmade Alpaca Stuffed Animals

Our handmade baby Alpaca fur stuffed animals are second to none!  We hand make each one of them and personally pick the colors and style.  Unlike others, you will see we put baby Alpaca fur on the entire animal. 

Each one is unique, none of them are mass-produced.  So if you see one you love, I would suggest you adopt him.  We will not be able to make another just like it.  We take a long time to choose the colors and collect the fur.  We only use fur from naturally harvested Alpaca, so we try to be as efficient as possible when making our products.  

Our goal is to offer you a handmade stuffed animal that you will keep for years to come.  We use only the highest quality materials in the hopes that this will be something child grows up with and possibly gets handed down to the next generation.


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