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Handmade Alpaca Slippers

You are going to love your new handmade Alpaca fur slippers.  They are definitely the ultimate in luxury slippers.  From the moment you slide them on you will love the feel of the Alpaca fur on the inside and outer trim.  Incredibly soft, warm and elegant looking, they are sure to be your favorite slippers ever!  

 We have Two styles, the Wawucha and the Pantufla.  The Wawucha slippers are slide on slippers.  They are a similar fit to that of Mule slippers.  These are unisex.  For those of you who like a little bit more snug fit, like a shoe, we have the Pantufla slippers.  

Sole options.  Our standard slippers come with faux leather that is perfect for wearing your slippers indoor.  They are fine if you occasionally go out to the mailbox but meant for indoor wear.  If you plan on wearing your slippers while you work in the garage or go to the mailbox etc,  we offer the upgraded, real leather sole. 

Sizing:  Select the size closest to your current shoe size but also send me the EUR size that is on the label of your best fitting shoes.  We handmake all the slippers in Peru and we use European sizing. 

What if it doesn't fit quite right?

Don't worry,  just make sure when you receive your slippers, you try them on and walk on the carpet to protect the bottom  If you need one size bigger or one size smaller, just email us and return the slippers within 3 days.  I will send you the correct size. 

*(customer is responsible for the return shipping, should be $3.77 first class with tracking #).