Luxury Fur Pom Pom's.

You will love your new baby Alpaca fur zipper charm.  Also known as a "Poof", "pom pom" or a fluffy keychain.  These are absolutely perfect for your purse, keychain or backpack. 

There are many puff balls on the market but if you want to have the softest, fluffiest real fur pom pom then you have come to the right place.  

Our handmade zipper charms are an absolute luxury.  We make each one with incredible attention to detail and only the finest quality baby Alpaca fur.  

Adults have stress all around.  Corporate jobs, college testing, running the kids around.  These are times when a couple of minutes of petting your Alpaca pom pom will help you take a moment to relax.  The fact that Alpaca is naturally soothing makes this a perfect gift for dealing with stress, anxiety or even autism.

These are perfect gifts for kids or adults alike.  Kids pet them to deal with stressful situations at school, on the bus or even at home.  Petting their Alpaca pom pom is like having the benefit of a pet without the need to feed it.

There are three styles to choose from.  The regular size pom pom.  The Giant Pom pom and the AlpacaPal pom pom (has an Alpaca face).