Doggy Sweaters

handmade Peruvian dog sweaters 

handmade Peruvian Dog Sweaters

 Handmade doggy sweaters by Peruvian Accent

Our Doggies are such a big part of our family, they deserve a unique sweater of their own.  Smaller dogs get cold and will love being cozy in their new Peruvian doggy sweater.  

Each one is finished with handmade details to make them unique.  Take a look at the colors and find the perfect one for your puppy.

Our customers love how easy it is to put the sweater on their doggie.  Our design with the zipper down the back is super convenient.  Just have your doggie step into the sleeves and then zip it up! 

Sizing is easy.  In the listing I have a chart.  If you are unsure of the size, just measure around the neck (circumference) and around the chest (just behind the front legs) and compare that to the measurements of our sweaters.  If you have any questions at all, please message us and we will be more than happy to help.

SIZE. Length. (approximate) and neck/chest circumference.

Length 10"
Neck Circ: 9-10"
Chest Circ: 13"

Size 2:
Length 11.50"
Neck Circ: 10-11"
Chest Circ: 14-15"

Size 4:
Length 12.50"
Neck Circ: 11-12.5"
Chest Circ: 16-17"

Size 6:
Length 13.50-14"
Neck Circ: 13-14.50"
Chest Circ: 19-20"

Size 8:
Length 15"
Neck Circ: 14-15.50"
Chest Circ: 23"

How to clean.  Easy, just put it in the washing machine, inside out, delicate cycle, cold water.  Air dry.  

Please don't forget to send us a picture of your doggy in their new sweater so we can showcase it on our social media!   And if you can, tell us the name, breed and weight.  email: