Alpaca Beanies

 Handmade Alpaca beanies, chullos, gator beanies, ponytail beanies and scarf beanies by Peruvian Accent.

You will love your new Alpaca beanie!  Whether it's for the cold morning walks, hiking, going to the snow, soccer practice, or just to look cool, we have the perfect one for you.  

Why alpaca?

  • Our beanies are made with the finest baby Alpaca. 
  • Alpaca is so soft and it does not itch like other wools.
  • Alpaca is hypoallergenic because it practically has no lanolin.
  • We use all-natural dyes.

When selecting an Alpaca beanie, the quality of the Alpaca is what's most important!  We use only "baby" Alpaca, which means the first or second hair cut we give our Alpaca.  After the second haircut, the Alpaca hair is considered Adult Alpaca which is more coarse and starts to itch when it warms up.