Handmade Alpaca beanie with real fur pompom.

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You will absolutely love your new luxury Alpaca beanie.  It is handmade with baby Alpaca wool and a real baby Alpaca fur pom pom. It is the ultimate elegant luxury hat. The baby Alpaca is of the highest quality, incredibly warm and does not itch. The knit is so comfortable to wear and the naturally dyed color is clean, neutral and easy to wear with any outfit. I put a handmade, baby Alpaca fur pom pom on the top. This is not a faux fur pom pom or the fur from an animal with rough or coarse hair. This is 100% baby Alpaca fur which is of the finest of all furs. It will definitely be one of the softest fur pom poms you have ever felt.

Your luxury Alpaca winter hat will definitely earn you many compliments this winter whether you are skiing or just out with friends. The quality, unique style, warmth, and softness will quickly make it your favorite hat. We achieved the beautiful colors using all-natural dyes. 

Color choices:  Black, Beige, Silver or Charcoal.

One note to remember is that Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber. It is warmer than sheep's wool, it has no lanolin making it hypoallergenic and it does not itch.

We only use naturally harvested fur.  Only if the Alpacas die naturally do we make things out of fur.  

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