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Handmade "Pantufla" Alpaca fur slippers. BEIGE

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You will love your Beige handmade "Pantufla" style  Alpaca fur slippers this winter! They are so comfortable and cozy the first thing you will want to do when you get home is slide them on.

These, unlike others, are 100% Alpaca fur inside and out.  The fur is soft, warm and hypoallergenic.  

They are incredibly soft, oh so warm and custom made. We are the only slipper company that will offer you top quality fur on the inside, top quality faux suede on the top with the option of real leather soles. These are unlike any slippers you have ever had. We try very hard to make these a special experience that you will enjoy every time you slide them on your feet.

SIZING:  All our slippers are handmade in Peru. In Peru we use European sizing.  So, when you order, pick the  EURO size you wear from the drop down.  To be 100% accurate, you can also look on the label of your favorite shoes and see what size it says in EUR.

The reason we use 100% Alpaca wool is to maximize the comfort. Plus, Alpaca is warmer than wool, it is not itchy and it is hypoallergenic.

Sole: We are proud to only put real Leather soles on our slippers. The Real leather sole will extend the life of your slippers and give you the comfort of knowing it is ok if you wear them in the driveway or garage.  You are not limited to only wearing them in the house. 

Get yours today so you won't get caught with cold feet!

SHIPPING:  We carry a few sizes in stock but if it is not in stock at the time you order it, once you order we will begin making your slippers.  They take approximately 14-21 days to arrive in the US.  They are definitely worth the wait! But if the size you order is in stock then we will ship it on the next business day and it will arrive anywhere in the US within 3-5 days.