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Peruvian Accent


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Introducing our luxury Military Green handmade dog poncho, crafted from the finest baby Alpaca wool for the ultimate in comfort and style.

This listing features our Military Green alpaca dog poncho available in all sizes from X0 to 8.

This premium Green alpaca dog poncho is perfect for your furry friend, with its natural heat regulation to keep them warm and cozy. Plus, it's hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

Our dog poncho is designed for ease of use, featuring a back hole to allow for wearing a harness underneath, ensuring maximum comfort. It's also ideal for older dogs who may struggle with sleeve-style clothing.

Each poncho is meticulously handmade with care in the Andes of Peru, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The baby Alpaca wool used is incredibly soft and gentle, perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

Indulge your pup in ultimate luxury with our Alpaca wool dog poncho—a beautiful and functional addition to their wardrobe. Keep them warm and stylish, all while supporting ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

The amazing properties of Alpaca make this poncho truly unique. Alpaca naturally wicks moisture and regulates heat, ensuring your dog stays comfortable in changing temperatures. It's also antimicrobial and resists odors better than other wools.


Refer to the size chart below to select the perfect poncho size for your dog:

- **SIZE X0 (Teacup)**
  - Length: 8.75"
  - Neck Circumference: 7.50"
  - Chest Circumference: 11.50"

- **SIZE 0**
  - Length: 10"
  - Neck Circumference: 9-10"
  - Chest Circumference: 13"

- **Size 2**
  - Length: 11.50"
  - Neck Circumference: 10-11"
  - Chest Circumference: 14-15"

- **Size 4**
  - Length: 12.50"
  - Neck Circumference: 11-12.5"
  - Chest Circumference: 16-17"

- **Size 6**
  - Length: 15"
  - Neck Circumference: 12-13"
  - Chest Circumference: 18-19"

- **Size 8**
  - Length: 17"
  - Neck Circumference: 14-16"
  - Chest Circumference: 20"

If you're unsure about sizing or have any questions, please don't hesitate to message us for assistance.