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Handmade J POCKET Alpaca Sweater

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Incredibly soft Alpaca J pocket sweater that you will love wearing for years to come.  The classy design is not only elegant but comfortable as well.  The long J pocket, going down each side is so unique and it a cozy pocket for your hands.

Since we use the finest quality Alpaca you will be impressed with how soft your sweater is and you will love the fact that it does not itch.  We use the finest hair from the young Suri Alpacas and this gives us the finest quality Alpaca yarn.  This is unlike any wool sweater you may have felt in the past because it is so incredibly soft.  You are not forced to wear a turtle neck or long sleeve just to enjoy the vest.  Unlike most Alpaca clothes you find online,  we do not use adult Alpaca hair. 

Our Alpaca is considered "baby" Alpaca, which means the first or second haircut we gave our Alpacas. After the second haircut, Alpaca hair transitions into "adult" quality which is more coarse.  This quality wool we sell off to other companies because when it warms up, it tends to be a bit itchy.  

Our baby Alpaca yarn is a luxury fiber.  It has practically no lanolin making it hypo-allergenic.  So even if you are allergic to wool,  you can enjoy Alpaca.  

Our beautiful colors are created with all-natural dyes using the same techniques the Incas used, roots, berries, and herbs.  This gives us vibrant colors that won't fade like chemical dyes.  

Another benefit you will appreciate with your new vest is that Alpaca regulates heat.  The hair is hollow just like our hair so when you are warm it stops heating up and when your body temperature drops it warms you up more.   This makes it a great gift for someone who lives in really cold areas or who loves skiing.  No more taking off layers and putting on layers.

This Designer Threads vest is unique with a fun little flare at the bottom making it easy to dress up or down.  

Shipping is free to the continental USA on all orders of $35 and more.  If it is in stock when you buy it, we will ship it within 3 days.  If it is not in stock, we will start making it right away.  It takes about a week to make and two weeks to arrive from Peru.