Handmade, Real Baby Alpaca Fur PomPom zipper Charm. TAUPE

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baby Alpaca fur pom pom by Peruvian Accent

You will absolutely love your new baby Alpaca fur pom pom. You will instantly realize that it is the softest most elegant pom pom you have ever felt. They are each made by hand with the finest baby Alpaca fur. And yes, we use no-kill Alpaca fur. All our fur is 100% naturally harvested. 

These pom poms have become so popular, not only for the looks and softness but mainly because of the therapeutic value. It is the perfect gift for people with high-stress jobs or who deal with anxiety. There is such a calming feeling you get from petting it. It is as great for kids at school as it is for adults at work.

You can put your pom pom on many things. Your purse, keychain or backpack. I have even had customers send me pictures of them on the stroller!

Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber. It has no lanolin making it hypoallergenic.

So get yours today!