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Peruvian Accent

Alpaca Texting Gloves

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You will absolutely love your new alpaca texting gloves.  These are knit with the finest baby Alpaca, giving them that nice cozy feeling.  The perfect gift for anyone who works in a cold office, in a warehouse, outdoors, delivery or likes to keep their hands warm and still look elegant.

We use all-natural dyes and you will love the fact that Alpaca is hypoallergenic and does not itch!

What does baby Alpaca quality mean?  We can only call it "baby Alpaca" quality with it comes from the first or second haircut we give our Alpacas.  After the second haircut it starts to become more coarse, which we call "Adult Alpaca" quality.  

What's the difference?  Great question!  When you make something out of adult Alpaca it will look beautiful but when it warms up, many times it feels prickly.  This is when you will hear people say they are allergic to Alpaca, which is practically impossible.  Alpaca has the same amount of lanolin as our hair (human hair), making it hypoallergenic.  It felt prickly because it was adult Alpaca.  We make our products with baby alpaca.