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Handmade Luxury Baby Alpaca Fur, Large Bunny Rabbit. (Chiradelli)

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You will instantly fall in love with Chiradelli.  We call her Chi.  She will be your new baby Alpaca Fur Bunny Rabbit  She is not made with regular Alpaca fur, she is made with 100% baby Alpaca fur.  The softest of all Alpaca.  She is so soft you will want to constantly cuddle with her.  

Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber because of many reasons but the best of all is that the fur is naturally soothing.  Petting your bear will instantly reduce stress and anxiety! Because of this, our handmade teddy bears are enjoyed by adults and kids alike.  Whether it is someone with a stressful job, college exams, or a child having a bad day, this will help.

We want your bunny to be cherished for years to come. Hopefully even passed on to the next generation. 

She is not small like other bunnies being sold.  She is Large (approximately 14” from tip of toe to tip of ear)

I offer free shipping to the continental USA.  Arrives to addresses in the USA in 3-5 days.

The bunny you see is the bear you will get.  I only have one like this one so if you love this bear I would recommend adopting her.