Beautiful Baby Alpaca Shawl/Scarf or Pashmina. Luxurious colors and incredibly soft. Unisex.

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You will love the compliments you will receive when you wear your shawl. I made it with the finest baby Alpaca and it turned out incredibly soft. The colors are so beautiful and made with all-natural dyes.

Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber. It has no lanolin, so it won't irritate your skin like other wools might, it is hypoallergenic, it's warmer than sheep's wool and does not itch.

Alpaca also has natural oils that protect it. Water does not soak into it like other wools and dirt/grime won't be an issue either. Alpaca is considered water-resistant also.

Alpaca also has the unique quality of being able to regulate heat. Because it is a hollow hair, when you are hot, it won't warm you up and when your temperature drops, its amazing heating ability kicks in.

The shawl is the perfect size to be worn as a shawl, wrap/Pashmina or a scarf. It is 83" x 28". And it folds compact so it won't take up any space at all.

baby alpaca shawl

The colors and style make this literally, the perfect gift for everyone. It is unisex so can easily be enjoyed by a man or a woman.

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