Peruvian Accent

Handmade luxury sweater pins made from bull horns.

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Do you love to wear sweaters or shawls?  You will love our sweater pins.  They are perfect for holding your sweater or shawl in place and giving a unique and elegant look.   Our sweater pins are handmade of bull horn.  They are completely natural and therefore have a unique coloring on each side.  

Most sweater pins you see in the stores are beautiful but on the back, they are just safety pins.  Those put too much strain on just a few fibers and eventually you will end up damaging it.  Then you will always be forced to wear a broach or pin there to cover it up.

Our sweater pins were specifically designed to protect your garment because it is holding on to a clump of fabric, not just a few threads.  

You can also enjoy wearing them in your hair!

Measurements are approximate:

Alpaca: 3'x2"

Chacana:  2.75" x 2/75"

Flower:  3" x 3"

Tear Drop:  3.75" x 2"

Each one is handmade.  If you buy one, pick the design you want and I will send you a picture of the ones I have made with that particular design so you can pick the one you like best.  

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