Panama Hats.& Fedoras

We are very happy to be offering some of the finest Panama hats.  We selected Republica de Cacao because of their highest quality standards and luxury handmade Panama hats and Fedoras.

A “Panama hat” refers to a lightly-colored, finely woven hat made from the straw of the South American toquilla palm plant. Although the name implies that the origins of this world-famous hat lie in Panama, the original Panama has always been made in Ecuador. There, it is better known as sombrero de paja toquilla, or simply “straw hat”. The Panama’s elegant shape and lightweight, breathable qualities make it the perfect choice for hot, sunny weather, and therefore a Panama hat should be in the wardrobe.  The finest of these hats can take one person almost a month to make and can cost up to $5000.  

We have hand-selected two styles.  The Panama hat with wide brim  and short brim.