Handmade Masks

handmade 3 layer masks by Peruvian accent

With the coronavirus on all of our minds,  we have started making masks.

Our customers appreciate quality products that are handmade and unique. We noticed that there are many people making masks, and as is our custom, we wanted to find a way to make it better for our customers. How did we do that? Great question!

SIZING:  YOU CAN ALSO SELECT IF IT IS FOR A MAN, WOMAN OR YOUTH (up to 11 years old).  All our masks come with earloop adjustors.

NOSE WIRE:  At checkout just let us know if you want the nose wire sewn in or if you don't want a nose wire.  The nose wire sewn in is great when it is for someone who wears glasses.

PROTECTION:  We put three layers of protection on our masks.  Two layers of 100% cotton and one of fusible interface.  We also only use the finest 100% cotton fabric.

STYLE/DESIGN:  This is most likely the best part.  Whether it is for you or for your child, the most important thing is for the mask to be comfortable.  If the mask is not comfortable you, nor your child will not wear the mask. 

We have our own No pleat design that adds space around the chin for added comfort when talking.  Also, the design around the nose is comfortable even without a nose wire.  

You will also notice that the design of our masks allows a beautiful display of the fabric accross the entire front of the mask.  Most of the time you see masks like these they have used two pieces of fabric and sewn them together making the front image not quite blend smoothly.