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With the coronavirus on all of our minds,  we have started making masks and mask Covers. 

On thing we know is that our customers appreciate quality products that are handmade and unique. So, that being said, we started making maks covers. We noticed that there are many people making masks and as is our custom, we wanted to find a way to take a common product and make it high quality for our customers. How did we do that? Great question!

There are many different qualities of cotton just like everything else. Most of the fabrics used on masks that we saw online are approximately $5 a yard. We spend more than twice that much on our fabric. Why? Because if you are going to wear this at work, school, the grocery store or at the airport, for hours at a time, for that reason it should be as comfortable as possible. If it isn't, I guarantee you or your family member will be tempted to take it off.

Another design change you will is on our face mask covers. Most mask covers are beautiful but they only have two pleats. We put three pleats on ours. You might be thinking “big deal” but it truly is. When the mask covers only have two pleats, on the sides, everyone can see the surgical mask on the inside. It truly is not appealing. By adding the third pleat it keeps a tighter seel on the sides of the mask. It is much more visually appealing and truly gives a better extra layer of defense.

Since you are going to have to wear a mask for a while, we might as well make it express a bit of ourselves right? We have personally chosen unique beautiful patterns. Take your time looking through and finding the one that fits your personality.

The mask covers slide right over your existing mask.  They are machine washable and the perfect gift for anyone.