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Handmade Alpaca Beanies & headbands.

You will love your new, high-quality Alpaca beanie or headband!  Whether it is for the cold mornings or evenings, going to the snow, soccer practice or just to look cool, we have the perfect one for you.  We have cuffed beanies or earmuff beanies, also known as Chullos in Peru.

Our famous baby Alpaca pom pom beanies are also in this section.  They are made with real baby Alpaca fur and baby Alpaca wool as well.  They are oh so soft.  We use the finest fur on our beanies to ensure that everyone else will wish their pom pom was as soft as yours. One more thing, all the wonderful colors of our Alpaca are created with natural dyes! 

Alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool, hypoallergenic and does not itch!  Some of our beanies are lined with fleece and some are not.