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ALPACA PAL luxury Real Fur PomPom. (Charcoal)

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You will love your new Charcoal color ALPACAPAL!  It is perfect as a zipper charm for your purse, backpack, or your key chain.  Each one is handmade with the finest baby Alpaca fur.  As usual, all our fur is naturally harvested.  

If you know someone who loves Alpacas, this is the perfect gift!  They are cute like the Alpacas but fun like teddy bears!  kids love to play with these at the bus stop, name them and pet them when they get stressed!

These pom poms have become so popular, not only for the looks and softness but mainly because of the therapeutic value. It is the perfect gift for dealing with stress or anxiety. There is such a calming feeling you get from petting it. It is great for kids and adults alike.   

So get yours today!

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